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Daniel Charles Weston

This is the memorial page for Daniel Charles Weston, native of Ystalyfera, killed during the First World War.

The information on Daniel Charles Weston comes principally from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, from the Labour Voice newspaper, and the Parish Burial Register (courtesy of the Swansea Archives).

NameDaniel Charles Weston
Date of Death7th November 1918
Place of DeathAulnoye, France
Age at Death23
Unit and RegimentWelsh Regiment; 14th Bn
Service Number17818
Personal InformationSon of Albert and Sarah Weston (b 1863 d 1951) of Bryn Derwen, Lower Cwmtwrch, Swansea.
Born Cwmtwrch. Enlisted Ystalyfera.
Remembrance Grave  Bethania Calvinistic Methodist Chapelyard - Lower Cwmtrwch
Grave inscription: Fell in Action at Aulnoye France 
Local MemorialsYstalyfera War Memorial
Known BrothersAlbert J Weston (b 1885)
Known SistersAnnie Weston (b 1887 d Nov 24 1906)
Maria Weston (b 1889)
Matilda Weston (b 1891)
Maggie J Weston (b 1899)
Agnes Weston (b 1900/1901)

Dannie Weston
To the left is the grave in Bethania, with Dannie's brothers and sisters on it

REF: Swansea Pals - Book by Bernard Lewis

Next of Kin of Men proceeding Overseas December 1915
Ref - Next of Kin Listed - Father Mr. Albert Weston of Gilwen Row, Lower Cwmtwrch Glamorgan.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 16th October 1915 :-

Three local boys, Privates Dan Weston, John Llewelyn and David Williams, all of the Swansea "Pals" Battalion, who have been home on leave for several days, returned to Winchester on Monday and were accorded a very hearty send off by their many relatives and friends in Lower Cwmtwrch. They expect to go to the front soon.

This article on Private Danny Weston's wounding comes from the Cambrian Daily Leader from 9th February 1916.

News has reached Cwmtwrch Swansea Valley to the effect that Private Danny Weston, a Cwmtwrch boy, has just been wounded at the front. He was with the 14th Welsh (Swansea Battalion) and Captain Sandbrook, writing to the lads parents states that Weston was struck on the neck by a piece of shrapnel on 27th January when in action. Captain Sandbrook refers to Weston as a good boy and of a cheery disposition. He hopes to see him about again at an early date.

From the Llais Llafur, 12th February 1916 :-

Mr and Mrs Herbert Weston near Beulah Lower Cwmtwrch have received a letter from Captain Sandbrook of the 14th Welch Regiment (Swansea Battalion) to the effect that their son, Private Danny Weston, had been wounded whilst in action on 27th January. He states that Weston was wounded in the neck by a piece of shrapnel. The company had five killed and four wounded on that day. Captain Sandbrook further states that Weston was only slightly wounded and would be about again very soon. The letter goes on as follows:
"He is a good boy and his cheery disposition will do more to make him well again than all the doctors in the Army."
Private Weston has also written to the same effect. He was wounded on the Kaiser's birthday.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 30th September 1916:-

It is stated that Private Danny Weston of the Swansea Battalion, who has seen many months of fighting in France and who has gone through the Big Push on the Somme, is expected to visit his home near Beulah shortly. Should Private Weston obtain leave, it is to be hoped Cwmtwrch will give him a royal welcome.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 16th December 1916:-

A very cordial reception has been extended this week to two local soldiers, home from the front. They are Private David J Williams, (son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Williams), and Private Dannie Weston (son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Weston), Lower Cwmtwrch. Both young soldiers, who previous to the war were employed locally as miners, answered their country's call when the Swansea Battalion was being formed. Since then they have seen considerable active service. Proceeding to the front in 1915, they have taken part in some of the biggest battles fought in France, and both have been wounded, returning again to the fray after leaving hospital in France. Some time ago Private Williams was transferred to a tunnelling battalion and whilst carrying out this dangerous work, encountered thrilling experiences. On one occasion a mine explosion completely buried him and a number of his pals, and only after great difficulty were they extricated. Before his departure for the front Private Williams was presented with a pocket Bible by the Beulah Sunday school scholars, and miraculously this Bible saved the young soldier's life when under fire. A bullet pierced through the Book, which was in his breast pocket, ultimately turning it course from a vital part of the body. Williams soon after was invalided to "Blighty, and has been, a patient at a Birmingham hospital until his return home.

Private Weston also has had some marvellous escapes, and has brought home some mementoes in the shape of explosive bullets, which were meant for him, but fortunately missed their mark. All our readers recall the memorable charge made on Mametz Wood by the Welsh Division - these lads took part in that famous battle, and it was then that their pals, Privates Lewis Holt and Harry Furness (both of Cwmphill) were mortally wounded. Cwmtwrch has given them a warm welcome and when they return this week-end they will carry with them the best wishes of the locality for a safe and speedy return home.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 4th August 1917 :-

Private Dannie Weston, who has been in the Army since the early days of the war, and who has seen considerable active service in France with the Welsh Regiment, came home on furlough in the small hours of Tuesday morning. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Weston who reside near Beulah Chapel, and this is his second leave from the trenches since going out to France with the Swansea Battalion. Private Weston looked well and was given a hearty welcome on his arrival.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 21st September 1918 :-

The people of Lower Cwmtwrch have extended welcome to several local lads home on leave during the week. Private Dannie Weston, late of Swansea Pals, but now of the 14th Welsh, is home for the third time from France. He has come through the recent heavy fighting unscathed. Altogether he has seen three years' service in France and has fought practically on every sector in which British troops have been engaged.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 23rd November 1918 :-

The deepest sympathy is expressed with the parents of Private Dannie Weston (14th Welsh Regt.) who was killed in action just a day or so before hostilities ceased. It seems that the deceased young man was killed on November 7th by a stray shell. A sad feature of the affair is that Private Weston had been through a great deal of fighting almost since the outbreak of the war, and was one of the few survivors of the old Swansea Pals Battalion, who fought so well at Mametz Wood Delville and on the Somme. He was home on his last leave but a short time ago. Private Weston was very popular in the Cwm, and his death has caused much sorrow.

Danny Weston was one of 14 men of Cwmtwrch remembered at a memorial service held in February 1919. The write-up in the Llais described his service thus:-

Private Danny Weston, 14th Welsh (Swansea Battalion) Enlisted October 10th 1914 Fell in France November 7th 1918

The Labour Voice newspaper of 12th January 1924 contains news of the death of Albert Weston, the father of Dannie Weston:-

The death took place on Wednesday of last week of Mr Albert Weston at the age of 63 years. Deceased was one of the oldest and most respected workmen in the Phoenix Tinplate Works, where he had been employed for many years. The funeral which was a very large one, took place on Monday last at Bethania. His fellow workmen at the Phoenix acted as bearers. The mourners were Mrs Weston, Agnes, Sarah Hannah, and George Weston, Mr and Mrs Albert John Weston, Mr and Mrs Tom Thomas, Mr and Mrs Rhys Owen, Mr and Mrs Trevor Williams, Mr and Mrs Idris Weston, Annie, Maggie May, Rachel Annie, Glyn, John Lewis, grandchildren.

Over a quarter of a century later, the same newspaper, now the South Wales Voice recorded the death of Sarah Weston, the mother of Dannie Weston, in its edition of Saturday 7th July 1951:-

With regret is announce, the death of Mrs Sarah Weston Bethel Road, which occurred on Tuesday. By her passing Cwmtwrch has lost its oldest inhabitant. She would be 89 this month: a tall, handsome lady, of a genial disposition, generous of heart and highly esteemed in the locality. She was a great reader of books and took a deep interest in all social and religious activities and devoted an active member of Bethel Church where she will be greatly missed.
In the First World War she lost one son; in the last world war, she devoted most of her leisure time knitting socks for "the Boys in the Forces". Her husband predeceased her 27 years ago. She is survived by five married daughters and two married sons with whom sincere sympathy is expressed in their bereavement.
Mrs Weston lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Albert Jones.
The funeral, men only, will take place on Saturday leaving the house at 3:30pm for Bethania Cemetery.

The Weston family grave in Bethania Chapelyard, which mentions Dannie Weston in remembrance

Ystalyfera - South Wales

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