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Rhys Griffiths

This is the memorial page for Rhys Griffiths, native of Ystalyfera, killed during the First World War.

The information on Rhys Griffiths comes principally from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, from the Labour Voice newspaper, and the Parish Burial Register (courtesy of the Swansea Archives).

NameRhys Griffiths
Date of Death11th April 1918
Place of Death
Age at Death21 (Born Pantteg June 1896)
Unit and RegimentSouth Wales Borderers; 2nd Bn.
Service Number11463
Additional InformationSon of Richard Griffiths (Born Glamorgan 1868, Furnace Man⁄Roller Man at Tin Works, died 8th June 1926, aged 58) and Mary Jane Griffiths (born 11th January 1870, died 4th October 1950, buried 7th October 1950) Cambrian View, Godre'rgraig.
Remembrance Grave  
Local MemorialsYstalyfera War Memorial
Family DetailsRhys Griffiths was unmarried at the time of his death, having joined early in the war, and had no children.
Known BrothersRichard Hopkin GRIFFITHS* (Born Newport 25th Nov 1905 died 1963) Tin Plate Worker at Mill Department Married Pontardawe 1932 Mary GRIFFITHS* nee MORGAN (Born 17th March 1910, died 1996 Buried Godre'rgraig SECTION IB R13 G09): dau Valmai GRIFFITHS born 17/02/1935 Possibly Married West Glamorgan 1955 Neville W PRICE Family Living at 2 Owens Lane Godre'rgraig
Known SistersJane GRIFFITHS (Born Newport 1903) Married Pontardawe 1925 Cadwaladr GRIFFITHS
Nancy GRIFFITHS (listed as owner of her parents' grave in Godrergraig Cemetery, and being of 107 Cambrian View Graig Road Godre'rgraig)

From the Labour Voice newspaper, 4th May 1918 :-

Quite a gloom was cast over the district when the news was received of the death in action of Private Rees Griffiths, who was killed on April 11th. He joined up in the early part of the war, and was one of the first to volunteer from the district. He would have been 22 years old next June. He was a favourite with all who knew him, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Griffiths, of Cambrian View, have many sympathetic friends.

From the Labour Voice newspaper, Saturday 12th June 1926

We regret to report the death of Mr Richard Griffiths, Cambrian View Godre'rgraig, at the age of 58, after a short illness. The deceased gentleman was a tin worker by occupation and worked as a "doubler" for many years at the Ynismeudwy Tin Works. The work however did not agree with him and during the past few years he worked on the surface at Tarreni Colliery. He leaves a widow and four children, one of whom is an adopted child.

The funeral took place on Tuesday at Godre'rgraig Cemetery, the Rev D J Moses Gurnos Officiating.

The following were the chief mourners: Mrs Griffiths widow; Richard son; Cad and Jennie daughter and son in law; Nancy and Beryl daughters; Alf, Hewitt, John Francis, William and Tommy brothers in law; Sarah Hannah, Margaret Jennet sisters; Ann and Jennet sisters in law; aunt Maggie; James and John Griffiths, Rees, Llewelyn Rees, Tom, David, William, John, Rees Jones, Asaph, Rees, Handel, Sarah Ann, Mary, Jane, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane Annie, Gwyneth, Tom, David William, John, Will, Phillip, Sam, Evan, Jane, Edith, Maggie Mary, Will Griffiths, Tom Rees, Nancy and Annie Jones cousins; Sarah, Alice, Ann, Daisy, Sarah Ann nieces; Will, Austin, John and William nephews.

The grave of Richard and Mary Griffiths in Godrergraig Cemetery

From the South Wales Voice Saturday 7th October 1950

The death took place unexpectedly on Wednesday of Mrs Mary Jane Griffiths, widow of the late Richard Griffiths, Cambrian View Graig Road Godre'rgraig, who predeceased her 24 years ago.

It appears that Mrs Griffiths, who was 81 years of age, slipped on the hearth of her home on Tuesday and injured her leg; after being attended by Dr Sarah Stewart, she was conveyed to Swansea Hospital and passed away the following morning.

A native of Ystalyfera, she had spent the early years of her marriage at Newport Monmouthshire, returning to Godre'rgraig just over 40 years ago. A faithful member of Godre'rgraig Chapel she was highly respected and had taken great interest in musical affairs, and for many years had been a member of the local and chapel choirs.

She leaves a son, Mr Richard Griffiths, and three married daughters, two of them well-known vocalists; Mesdames Jennie Griffiths, now of Newport and Nancy Williams, who resided with her.

The funeral will take place tomorrow at 3.30pm for Godre'rgraig Cemetery, gentlemen only.

From the South Wales Voice Saturday 14th October 1950

The funeral of Mrs Mary Jane Griffiths, Cambrian View Godre'rgraig, who passed away suddenly at Swansea Hospital on Wednesday of last week, took place on Saturday and her remains were interred at Godre'rgraig Cemetery.

Mourners at the funeral were: Mr Richard Griffiths, son; Messrs Johnny Williams, Cadwaladr Griffiths, William Morgan sons-in-law; Ivor, Rhyslyn and Kevin grandson; Messrs Asaph, Rees and Handel Williams, Rees Jones, Ernest Jenkins, Tom Richards, David T Jones, W J Morgan, Herbert Morgan, Corbett Phillips, David Harries, W J Williams, Ritchie and Glyn Jones, Gwilym and Dewi Williams nephews; Messrs Evan Jones, Richard and Hopkin Rees cousins.

Mourners at the house were: Mesdames Nancy Williams, Jenny Griffiths, Beryl Morgan daughters; Mrs Mary Griffiths daughter-in-law; Mary, Val, Vera and Mair granddaughters; Mesdames Elizabeth Richards, Jane Jones, Gwyneth Lewis, Hannah Jenkins, M A Jones, Eunice Williams, Mair Williams, Claris Williams, Tawe Phillips, Maggie Griffiths, Nancy Pomeroy, Annie Williams, Nancy George, Susie Williams, Nenni Davies nieces; Mrs Letitia Rees cousin.

The grave of Richard Hopkin Griffiths, brother of Rhys Griffiths

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