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The Fallen of Ystalyfera and District

The Ystalyfera War Memorial was originally constructed as a cenotaph in a park by Alltygrug Cemetery. In 1983 it was rebuilt and dedicated at its present location in Commercial Street, Ystalyfera. This website is dedicated to the memory of those local men who fell in both World Wars, whether named on the memorial or not.

Ystalyfera County School Memorial

NEW - The Ystalyfera County School Memorial to the old boys of the school who died in the World Wars.


We are pleased to present this year's project as a contribution to the Centenary of WWI It is a document entitled: YSTALYFERA YSTRADGYNLAIS And DISTRICT 1914 -1918.

It tells of some of the things which occurred throughout those years but unlike the Fallen of the Tawe Valley, these men and women, thankfully returned home. The information has been compiled from articles printed in the Llais newspaper, with one or two references from The Cambrian Daily Leader, over the period of four years, with 1919 included where appropriate. The document has been divided into chapters, e.g. Furlough, Wounded, Recruits etc. The layout follows a diary format, although when a serviceman/woman is frequently mentioned they have been brought together under the main chapter heading, so as to keep their continuity.

Click here for the utility version of the document; it should either open in your browser, or download. If you wish to force it to download, right-click the link and choose 'save link as'.

A highest quality but large version can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Ystalyfera War Memorial

In December 1922, the Ystalyfera War Memorial in the form of a cenotaph was dedicated in parkland donated by Colonel Gough, by Alltygrug Cemetery. In a service presided over by the Lord Bishop of Saint David's, the cenotaph was dedicated. This newspaper extract from the South Wales Daily Post describes the emotional scenes. The photograph below left is reproduced courtesy of Mr Hughes, and shows the original memorial in its surroundings.

After years of neglect and vandalism, this was taken down and it was agreed to construct a new, more central, war memorial in Commercial Street, Ystalyfera. On 24th July 1983, in a ceremony overseen by the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, this new memorial was dedicated. The photograph below right was donated to Yeargroup by the Royal British Legion, thank you.

Below you can see the site of the original Yastalyfera War Memorial, erected in Alltygrug Park in 1922, and the dedication of the new, current, Ystalyfera War Memorial in 1983.

Opened 1922 in Alltygrug Opened 1983 in Commercial Street

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You can contact the Ystradgynlais and Ystalyfera History and Heritage websites by emailing: contact@ystradgynlais-history.co.uk or Val Trevallion by emailing yeargroup@hotmail.co.uk.

Remembering The Fallen
The war graves and remembrance graves of Ystradgynlais and of Ystalyfera form an important part of local history, and on separate domains we have established websites dedicated to preserving the memory of those who fell in the world wars. These websites also index local cemeteries, memorials and monuments, as well as include many excerpts from the Llais newspaper, archived at Ystradgynlais Library.


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