Ystalyfera Fallen

Ystalyfera Memorials

Monuments, Plaques & Memorials to the Fallen

This page aims to be a complete listing of all known mouments and plaques commemorating the fallen within the Ystalyfera area. This includes ones which are, or were, located within British Legion halls, chapels, churches, welfare halls, schools or elsewhere, such as banks. Also included are references to, and illustrations of, monuments and plaques which have now disappeared, including those erected in chapels which have since been demolished.

The memorials at Pontardawe Technical School and Cwmllynfell Millennium Hall are included as they list several locals from the Ystalyfera area who are listed also on the Ystalyfera war memorial.

Ystalyfera Memorials

Monuments, Plaques & Memorials to the Fallen

The memorials below are listed in alphabetical order, and their position in the list does not imply any greater or lesser importance for the individual memorial. The photographs chosen for illustrative purposes upon this page have been chosen for aesthetic reasons, related to the quality and composition of the photograph, rather than to the implied importance of the memorial.

Cwmllynfell Millennium Hall

The Millennium Hall in Cwmllynfell was built in 2001 to replace the Miners' Welfare Hall, which had been constructed in 1934. The Cwmllynfell memorial to the fallen of WW1 was unveiled in 1941 in the welfare hall, and subsequently installed in the main entrance hall of the Millennium Hall after the rebuild.
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English Congregational Church

The English Congregational Church in Ystalyfera was opened in 1869, and was demolished in 2005. It held memorials for both world wars, the history and fate of which is detailed upon the webpage.
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Godre'rgraig Chapel

During 1947 funds were raised to commission a memorial tablet to the fallen who had died during the 1939-1945 war. This was unveiled in a ceremony in January 1948. The memorial was moved to Godre'rgraig Primary School upon the closure of Godre'rgraig Chapel.
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Gurnos Chapel

In 1950, the Clock Memorial and Plaque was dedicated at Gurnos Chapel in an impressive service.
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Jerusalem Chapel

Jerusalem Chapel, Ystalyfera saw one of its members killed in each world war, and hosts two individual tablets in their memory.
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Lloyds Bank Memorial

In 1921 Lloyds Bank created a memorial, presumably at their HeadQuarters, listing the names of their employees who were killed in action in the First World War. Each branch received a photographic engraving of this memorial, including the Lloyds Bank in Ystalyfera, which is now where the children's nursery is, next to the war memorial in Commercial Street.
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Pantteg Chapel

Pantteg Chapel contains a memorial tablet to the members of the congregation who were killed in the First World War.
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Pontardawe Technical School

A memorial plaque to the old students of the school who had died in the Second World War was unveiled in January 1948. Since the closing of Pontardawe Technical School, the location of this memorial is currently unknown to us.
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St. David's Memorial Windows

Saint David's Church, Ystalyfera, saw erected in 1926 two stained glass windows as memorials to the fallen members of the church. A memorial stone was placed in the wall beneath the windows.
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St. David's Scouts' Memorial

A marble tablet commemorating the eleven former Scouts of Ystalyfera who died in the Great War was unveiled at a special commemorative service at Saint David's Church in May 1920.
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Ystalyfera County School

Ystalyfera County School war memorial tablet was erected in 1920 after public subscription, in a ceremony presided over by the Principal of Swansea University.
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Our document entitled: YSTALYFERA YSTRADGYNLAIS And DISTRICT 1914 -1918 was created as a contribution to the 2014 centenary of the Great War, and can be downloaded by clicking its name above.

The Scouts Memorial in Saint David's Church, Ystalyfera

The Lloyds Bank memorial - the Ystalyfera branch had a framed photographic engraving of this memorial upon its wall.

The memorial plaque in Gurnos Chapel. Although the building is now privately owned as a community resource, the plaque can be seen there to this day.

Godre'rgraig Chapel memorial, which was moved upon closure of the chapel to Godre'rgraig Primary School

The memorial windows in Saint David's Church, Ystalyfera.

The war memorial in Pantteg Chapel, listing those members of the congregation killed in the First World War.